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    Key Features

    DPS Features & Benefits

    • DPS is easily plugs into any car radio through a wire harness and resides either under the car seat or behind the dash board.
    • The install time is between 15-20 minutes.
    • The module would be pre-loaded with vehicle specific tuning profiles covering targeted vehicles.
    • A single SKU would now provide an amazing audio upgrade on the targeted vehicles.
    • The lower weight translates into greater fuel efficiency and lower gas emissions – making the targeted cars “greener”.
    • The small module size translates into significant cabin space economies over traditional audio upgrades.
    • The module MSRP translates into substantial cost savings over “alternative” audio upgrades.
    • The studio quality sound that DPS brings to targeted cars promise more satisfied customers.

    DPS vs Typical Hardware Audio Upgrade

    Digital Power Station

    Aftermarket Audio Upgrade

    Less expensive

    Requires costly hardware

    Easy to install

    Requires longer installation time

    Considerable weight savings: module (including harness) is 1.8lbs / 0.9kg

    Hardware could add up to 20lbs or more

    Takes up less cabin space

    Additional speakers, tweeters, subwoofers and amplifiers require considerable trunk and passenger cabin space

    100% state-of-the art digital technology

    Traditional hardware technology

    Utilizes vehicle specific tuning profiles to sculpt sound to vehicle environment

    “One Size Fits All” approach

    Patented process “re-mixes” music in real time, generating studio quality sound for any type of music

    Head units are “pre-set” to single standard, preventing needed signal processing flexibility to produce studio quality sound for different music types

    Clarity across all frequencies even at low volumes

    Clarity loss at low volumes

    Automatic volume control when transitioning between program material sources

    Annoying volume changes when transitioning between program material sources

    Creates a “Virtual Subwoofer

    Additional hardware subwoofer required

    Extends frequency response of compressed audio formats (FM, MP3, Satellite) bringing compressed audio to life

    Loses audio frequencies and sound quality in compressed audio formats

    Transient speaker protection: mechanical limitations of speakers are factored into vehicle specific tuning profiles, thus preventing speaker blowout

    Added equipment could cause speaker blowout as power limitations of speakers are not always considered when adding equipment

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,PayPal
    • Minimum Order:10 Piece(s)



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